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Conservation enterprises approaches are defined by a development hypothesis (theory of change) that if income is increased through conservation enterprises, then participants will discontinue environmentally unsustainable activities, leading to reductions to threats to the environment.

Over the past two decades, conservation enterprise approaches have been used extensively in USAID biodiversity programming. Yet, little information has been collected in a systematic way to test key assumptions regarding the effectiveness of these approaches. This group can gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of conservation enterprises by exploring a set of shared learning questions focused on the theory of change. Explore the Conservation Enterprise Learning Agenda .


This wiki is a shared space where the Collaborative Learning Group can build a knowledge base on conservation enterprises. It is organized around the key questions from the group’s Learning Agenda (more info on this can be found here).


Conservation enterprises provide income to participants through the production and sale of goods and services such as ecotourism, beekeeping, and crafts. The hypothesis is that if participant income is increased, then that provides the motivation and ability for participants to discontinue unsustainable activities, resulting in reduced threats to biodiversity.


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